KiWith the burgeoning population of  Nigerians that listen to at least one podcast a week (and growing rapidly). We’re excited to be part of this digital growth and bringing you D’Sabi Podcast with Nenye and Jennifer as Co-Hosts.

Chinenye Audrey Nri (Nenye) is a banker, a seasoned content writer who likes to describe herself as a soul writer as she writes from her heart, challenging her readers to become a better version of themselves. She is passionate about helping businesses, professionals and individuals build their confidence level for profitable engagements. An author, her latest book offering is titled – The Fat Beautiful Girl”.

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Jennifer Ifeatu Orisakwe is a health professional by day and creative maverick by night. She is passionate about business ideation, branding, content development, strategy, and optimizing digital media for business growth. She is the author of the book – Ekwensu’s Harvest.

D’ Sabi Podcast explores navigating through self-development and being the best version of yourself by riding on the waves of enlightenment and information. The podcast delves into the most burdening issues for millennials and  Gen-Zs; career, entrepreneurship, and walking through life generally. It showcases how being knowledgeable helps you make better and informed choices through practical examples of the Co-Hosts and seasoned guest speakers

The podcast is now officially available on the listed platforms below and you can listen to it while at home, at your work desk, or on-the-go. This includes the ability to download or listen to podcast content offline, at your convenience.

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Please help us get started. Please tap your peers on the shoulder and encourage them to join. This podcast will include fresh, life-transforming, and authentic content you won’t be able to access anywhere else. To keep in touch with D’ Sabi Podcast community follow @dsabipodcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where you will be able to send in comments and follow-up updates.Or shoot them a mail at


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