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As a woman in a relationship, you need to find different ways to keep your man constantly interested and hooked. One important thing that you should know as a woman is that most men sometimes lose interest in a relationship.

If you love your man and w ant to remain with him, then you need to find ways to keep his interest. Attracting a man is not difficult; however, finding a man to constantly interest him can be slightly hard. You might notice that sometimes it seems like the relationship is fizzling out, and you start wondering if you doing something wrong. If you want to be that desirable girl to your man then, you need to read this post.

15 ways to get a man interested and hooked to a lady
15 ways to get a man interested and hooked to a lady

15 ways to get a man interested and hooked to a lady

The truth is that if you do not love yourself enough don’t expect another person to love you. So many women overlook the importance of loving, caring, and respecting themselves. For every human on earth, there is a need to love and we can only develop our capacity of loving by learning how to love ourselves unconditionally. The inability to show yourself love is a proof that you don’t find yourself worthy of other people’s love. If you don’t love yourself enough, you may not be able to maintain a healthy relationship. Being lovable is a trait that presents you before a man that you know your worth and would not settle for less. So, dear ladies, you need to lay a strong foundation of self-love.

Show Appreciation
One of the most important things men love is appreciation from a woman they love. Most women make mistakes for not considering the intentions behind the actions of their men. One way to keep a guy interested in you is to always appreciate all his actions. Whenever you overlook any good thing he does, he usually tends to feel unappreciated but may not disclose at the moment. Even though he does not come out to express his feeling, you need to let him know you see him and appreciate his nice gestures. Most importantly, he needs to be aware that you appreciate him for who he is.
When you consistently show appreciation, you are letting him know that you admire and want him around often.

Personal space
If you want to keep a man away, you need to constantly evade his space. Most men don’t like this but many women are fond of doing this. If you notice that your man who seemed to always get excited at the beginning of your relationship now begins to easily get angry at you, note that there is a reason for that. It seems like he is not trying and so, needs to have a breathing space away from you. Most women will start doing everything within their power to try to win them over.
What you need to know is that there is no reason to start worrying once you notice a guy is taking a step back from you. It is natural for a man to be away from you for some time. Trying to find a way to quickly win him over can even push him back more. Smothering him will make him get fed up, and he might start losing interest completely. What you need to do is take a step back and let him breathe.

15 ways to get a man interested and hooked to a lady
15 ways to get a man interested and hooked to a lady

Avoid over-commitment
A lot of women are fond of rushing things in a relationship. They don’t take things slowly and enjoy it. Rather, they want to quickly show the man how good they are. This only screams desperation and may scare the man away. You need to let him take his time to know how amazing and wonderful you are. Let him feel good and comfortable in your presence.
The early phase is when you get to decide about your compatibility and interests. This will let both of you decide the type of commitment you would want in the relationship. The early phase is not the time to start worrying and pressuring him.

Be Independent
Some ladies tend to stop living the kind of life they are used to immediately they get into a new relationship. When you do this, the interest that man has towards you may start dwindling. You need to ensure you continue exploring hobbies and spending valuable time with your friends. Fill your life with various interests; you don’t literally have to make your man your “whole world”. It can make him to start feeling that you are depending too much on him and the relationship.

Be interesting
When you meet a guy, you will need to keep thinking of ways you can do interesting things whenever you with him. You need to decide where to go to have fun. This is the foundation of your relationship and might determine it. At this stage, you start learning things about yourself and think of things to keep each other entertained. What you need to do is to ensure you don’t repeat activities. When you do a particular thing continuously, it may get boring and as a result, affect the interests of your man. Avoid watching movies all the time. Go to new places where both of you you can explore and find out if you have the same interests. Make plans together and look for common ground.

Hang out with his friends
Men usually have wonderful friendships with themselves. One way to make a man stay hooked to you is to show that you support his choice of friends. Go out with them sometimes and get to know them. Let them know you and show them you are comfortable, relating to them. Try to mingle with the people in his social circle. However, you should not force this to happen so he doesn’t accuse you of intruding or keeping a secret affair. Take your time and it will not be long before he starts inviting you. Men are usually competitive so, he would want his friends to know he is dating a great lady.

15 ways to get a man intrested and hooked to a Lady
Cook and eat together
You can invite him over for a date in your place. When he comes around, you can both decide on what to cook to eat. When you do this, you are showing that you appreciate and feel safe around him.

Be spontaneous
Sometimes, things that are unplanned give the most excitement. You can just decide to go out with your man on a Saturday (that is if you are sure he has a free day). Go out on beautiful adventures and have fun together. Doing routinely and planned activities can get boring with time.

Smell Nice
You should try to spend a reasonable amount of money on your fragrances. Whenever you are with him pay attention to your fragrances. Smelling nice may make him want to spend his time with you.

Be confident
One thing every woman needs to avoid in a relationship is feeling of insecurity. Trying to do everything to keep a man happy shows that you are not confident. Don’t displease yourself to make him happy. Relax and develop a sense of self-worth. Be confident and he will love you and be interested in you.

Express your feelings
Just like most women, men also love to know how their love interests feel about them. You should not try to hide your feelings because you feel insecure. Do not be scared to let him know how you feel. Let him know your true feelings towards him.

Take the Lead
Most women have been conditioned to always wait for men to initiate an idea before they fall in line with it. Some might even be doing this without realizing it. Waiting for a man to tell you what to do and not to do can affect the relationship. If you continue to do whatever he wants, it is only a matter of time; he will take advantage of it soon. Cultivate the habit of making decisions. It shows that you are a confident and independent woman. This will balance the foundation of decision making and may make him remain hooked.

Make it a habit to listen more than you talk. Don’t neglect any complaints he makes. You need to be a shoulder he can lean on, and give him advice. Listen to his fears and worries without judging him.

Quit the pretense games
If you are talking to a guy you have interest in, there is no reason to start pretending or hide your feelings. Don’t resort to pretending to keep a man interested in you because it will soon fizzle out. You should not be ashamed to let him know the real you.

Every relationship should be built on a healthy foundation. This post explained 15 ways you can keep a man interested and hooked, as a lady. In addition, ensure that your partner is also putting in as much effort as possible to keep the relationship exciting and interesting for you.

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